Corporate training is a strategy of providing learners, internal and external to your organization, with the skills and knowledge to be successful.

By furthering their success, you are, in turn, facilitating the success of your organization, vision, and mission.

Corporate training:

  • Increases the value of your employees

  • Creates more capable leaders

  • Addresses employee weaknesses

  • And reduces attrition rates


  • Leadership styles and methods

  • Performance under stress and pressure

  • Resiliency development

  • Relationships management

  • Perspective management

  • Effective presentation skills

  • Effective and efficient communication

  • Time and schedule management

  • Stress management

  • Conflict resolution

  • Managing difficult people at work

  • Handling emotions at work

  • Vision development and execution

  • Attitude and energy management


Our presentations, workshops, and seminars are offered in various lengths and are adjustable to your organization's needs:


  • 15 Minute

  • 30 MInute

  • 45 Minute

  • 60 Minute

  • 90 Minute


  • 1 Hour

  • 2 Hour

  • 3 Hour


  • 2 Hour

  • 4 Hour

  • 6 Hour


Our corporate training services are always free and are dependant on availability.

However, we do openly implement a service model based on a "value-for-value" system - you can choose to pay what you can afford or what you deem the value to be. 

If you decide to contribute, based on either the value of impact or what you can afford, the funds are utilized in the following fashion:

  • 25% of the total amount is used to provide support directly to people who need it immediately (single parents who cannot afford the necessities of life for their children, youth who come from low-equitable homes that are in the pursuit of post-secondary education, capital for small businesses within low-equitable neighbourhoods aimed at having a positive economic impact on their environments and communities, etc.)

  • 25% of the total amount is designated for any respective and applicable taxes

  • 50% is invested directly back into Infreemation to grow the project and various community-based initiatives

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