Infreemation was founded on the idea that life experiences have a valuable educational impact - but are rarely acknowledged or shared among those who may need it the most.

Education provides insights, knowledge, and perspectives about the world we live in with the hope of making this a better place.

Infreemation has the vision of creating and facilitating multiple community and social projects with the vision of positively impacting the communities and people that need it the most - for free.


The mission of The Avengers Project is to provide a framework to empower those that reside in low-equitable neighbourhoods in the Greater Toronto Area with education, knowledge, lessons learned, best practices, mentorship, and funding to support not-for-profit small businesses surrounding everyday struggles that occupy valuable time for those that need it the most.

The immediate goals are to fill gaps in everyday life with sustainable small businesses to:

  • Stimulate localized economic activity and opportunity to low equitable neighbourhoods

  • Provide direct access to new forms of sustainable employment opportunities

  • General a culture of entrepreneurship and opportunities through influence

This initiative does not solely require financial support, but requires experienced insights, expertise, and awareness through a volunteer group.


The below listed hashtags are what we use, and encourage you to use, if you find it applicable and valuable:


  • Valuable life information - for free

#WIRM - What It Really Means

  • Have you ever read a "one-liner" inspirational or motivational quote that needs a deeper explanation for the full context to be understood? Use #WIRM and tell your story

#SM4SD - Something Meaningful For Something Deserving

  • Do you know someone who is deserving of something meaningful? Do something nice, helpful, or meaningful for them and use #SM4SD to spread the message of positive impact


  • Personal stories, whether good or bad, always carry valuable #LIFELESSONS.  Use this hashtag to tell your stories to those who may value the insight.

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